Spike University, LLC

Elite Beach Club



Elite Beach Program 2018

Mondays and Wednesdays, 4-6pm, for 10 weeks
Monday, June 4 to Wednesday, Aug 8 (40 hours of Elite coaching)Brookline, NH, on 2 to 3 nets

Registration: $899 per player

 What is included with an Elite Beach Membership:

  • SpikeU Elite Beach uniform
  • 50% discount at all SpikeU tourneys (20 to choose from), including the 2 that Matt will be at (the 3rd is NJ that players need to qualify for)
  • End of season award ceremony based on NE leader board and season progress (banquet?)
  • You qualify into your optimal skill level (gold, silver, bronze) as you compete/win at tourneys
  • SpikeU places you into your optimal skill level at each tournament
  • SpikeU can team you up with another Elite player for the season or as season progresses, depending who is already teamed up
  • If special circumstances deem you to be teamed up with a NON-Elite player, that player will be subject to special policy terms, conditions and costs
  • Automatic bid to attend the Volley America National Beach Tournament July 26-28, Atlantic City, NJ where Coach Matt and Mel will be to coach and facilitate SpikeU players to all net assignments, clinics and special events. NOTE: Cost to play is $110Entry +$15VA membership per person (3 days of play).  Player is also responsible for lodging and travel expenses. *There may be a Volley America Qualifier, but as of 4/25/18 there is none.  We will register by June 11!  https://www.volleyamerica.com/VA-Beach-Volleyball-Event.aspx?EventID=3722



Please direct questions to:

Owner & Coach Melanie Gerrior

Phone: 603.325.7149